A Christian Preschool near me – City Kids Preschool

At City Kids Preschool you can be sure that your bundle of joy will be taken care of from an incredible place of pure love. We greatly believe that our passion for working with children comes from the great blessing of the love that Jesus has for all children all over the world. We are inspired on a daily basis continue to be caring, loving, patient, understanding and gentle with our children as this is the example that Christ left with us. Sending your child to City Kids Preschool will definitely be an investment and you will have the peace of mind knowing that not only will your child be in loving arms but your child will be groomed with the foundation of Christianity.

preschool near me
preschool near me

Every child is different and we can all see their individuality come out through their academic development, developmental milestones, social integration, respecting their peers and their elders as well as how they follow out with the rules set out for them. We like to make sure that we keep an eye on all of these as we groom them to be the best individual that they can possibly be and not forgetting to let them experience the joy there is in being a child. We like to encourage our children to have a lot of fun and to laugh as much as they can because this is the best time of their lives.

City Kids Preschool focuses on instilling wholesome and Godly values into our children because we are a Christian based Preschool and believe that we need to prepare our kids with a solid foundation that will assist them as they continue to develop in their characters. At our school, we pray, we include Jesus in everything that we do and we also ask for his help on a daily basis. We ensure to include the Bible frequently in our story telling periods and in our assemblies. We are always talking about Jesus, we are always singing about Jesus and we always ensure to strengthen Christianity beliefs such as:

  1. God loves you!
  2. God put a specific purpose in you that only you can achieve!
  3. It’s okay to say “I’m sorry.”
  4. It’s awesome to say “I forgive you.”
  5. Jesus is your friend and he will never turn your back on you even when you make mistakes.

We believe that it is important to teach children these values at an early stage as they are developing their identity, character, their perception on the world and God and how the world views them and God. We are passionate about instilling security, acceptance and confidence to shine exactly the way God intended them too. Your children are away from you for 30-50 hours a week and we want to partner with you by supporting you in raising your children. We are open to communication and feedback with the development of your child because we are on the same team! We predominantly focus on the safety, happiness and well being of every single child that walks through our doors!